David Sax The Tastemakers – Why We’re Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue

The Tastemakers: Why We’re Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue by David Sax could just be called The Tastemakers — Why We’re Crazy for Cupcakes but Fed Up with Fondue. What the hell is an egg fu yung cupcake? Hot ceviche? How does kale hit the market at high speed at the same time as the cupcake craze?

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 Many people are sick (sometimes literally) of the incessant parade of ever-more-daring, uber-ridiculous food fads to defy digestibility. Once deep-fried Mars bars seemed the ultimate in depravity, beyond which we could go no lower. The cronut burger changed all that, until it hit a seriously rough patch. Bacon seems to enjoy an never-ending ubiquity. What could possibly be next?

Sax gave Jian Ghomeshi of CBC’s Q a great interview yesterday, with special attention to the ubiquity of fish tacos. (Jian and David Sax in interview) You just think you want to order them. The idea was planted in your mind long ago…


This book is an absorbing read, filled with grown-up food-fights, real-life green giants, and shiny red apples that might not make you sleep for a hundred years, but will make you feel like royalty. The wily branding that can make you think you might like a food—or not—is dissected and exposed for the marketing machine that it is. Get off the gluten-free bandwagon and free your mind! And your taste buds.

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Matt Galloway of CBC’s Metro Morning  also interviewed Sax and reminded the audience that even if there’s a PR push behind every new food trend, we are opening out minds (and mouths) to new possibilities which is always a good thing.

PS I don’t care what anyone says. I’m still into chia seeds.


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