I’m a home cook and gourmand, and a relentless pusher of soups and desserts on the neighbours. Holiday feasts or any opportunity to feed an unruly crowd are my favourite types of dinner parties. My philosophy is that really great food is simple food, and shared food is the best of all.

I review Canadian cookbooks to showcase the talent and skill of Canadians in the kitchen to the world, and also so you know what to buy Aunt Carol for Christmas. I live my with husband and my almost grown children, one of whom is rather picky. And Woofie, who willingly eats everything he’s given but admittedly has an undiscerning palate.

I’m a tea sommelier, accredited by The Tea and Herbal Association of Canada. I create several of my own recipes using tea, and like to offer tea pairings with my recipes, whether savoury or sweet. I offer in-home tea tastings for those who want to expand their palate and tea making skills.