Black Rabbit is now Java Joe’s.

Not so much a review as an update: Black Rabbit Café is now something called Java Joe’s. Java Joe’s is the other chain owned by the Kiriakapoulos family. Why they’ve suddenly switched the name is unclear, but since they’ve added more flavoured coffees, perhaps they want to switch the focus from food to sugar-laden caffiene. Because Bloor West Village doesn’t have enough coffee shops already?


And while they have added more coffee, they haven’t really switched the focus on food – in fact, they’ve added more of that, too. In addition to the two daily soups they offered before, they now have meat chili as well. It’s not organic—fewer and fewer things on the menu are—but it’s there like clockwork, and as the weather gets colder, it’s got to be a great staple for moms with wee ones. And the kids’ menu is bigger: they’ve added quesadillas, crudités with hummus and a few other things that make it a really easy place to stop with a hungry toddler. There are a few new sandwiches, salads, and combos as well.


So all in all, probably easier, cheaper and healthier than McDonalds and with way better coffee. But Black Rabbit was such a better name!


Bring change to tip staff – the Interac machine doesn’t have a tip option. ;:-( Of course, the staff are very nice whether they get tipped or not, but they are so pleasant, I feel embarrassed not leaving anything at all. 


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