Scariest looking cheese ever.

But as we all know with cheese, the worse it smells or looks, the better it tastes.

I’ve been seeing a lot of grumbling on FB lately regarding a local cheesemonger so I decided to reacquaint myself with the Cheese Boutique. Hadn’t been there in three whole weeks and found the place quite rearranged. They sell meat now! Finally, the Cheese Boutique really does have every darn thing you could every wish for.

The gorgeous and unusual assortment of vegetables was quite reduced but I’m going to give them time to sort out the meat before the veggies are restored to their former glory.

Brought my friend Costantino from La Betola, who had never been. We said a quick hello to Afrim, one of the Pristine sons. A brief tour of the cheese fridge showed us what was what.

I wanted to show Costantino how well the cheese was stored and cared for, and the great variety. What we found was a huge log of cheese that weighs 848 lbs! Only four of them in the world, according Afrim. I put Costantino next to it for scale, so you could just how big it is. Weighs almost as much as my minivan, for Pete’s sake.


There were also some frightening looking fungi growing on some of the cheese, but fear not. That mould is quite deliberate. Perhaps I’ll video him explaining how the mould develops over time?

Here it is:



And up close:


Anyway, I was thrilled with the service, the selection of cheeses, and the addition of the meat section. The Cheese Boutique has won me over, once again.



Here are a few more pictures of the gorgeousness:

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